Why Autonomous Vehicles Need Human Centred UX



March 21, 2022

Autonomous vehicles are poised to reshape the world but the biggest hurdle is not technological, it's human. Come and learn why this $500 billion industry needs UX.

The promise of autonomous vehicles is enticing. It has the potential to take people out of high-risk working environments, transform our experience of commuting and optimise vehicle usage. It's also the key to helping us build the cities of the future, paving the way for a more sustainable way of living.

For this event we were joined by Woven Planet's Design Director Fede Ponce to discuss how UX is shaping the future of autonomous vehicles and why a human centred approach is necessary.

Who's this for?

Designers who are passionate about making a real human impact through their work.

Anyone interested in autonomous vehicles, cities of the future and the future of the experience economy.

Anyone who wants to learn about human-centred design.

Fede Ponce

Fede is a Director at Woven Planet where he's leading the charge in creating the safest, most delightful, next generation, human-centered UX and UI for L3 mobility and beyond.


Laura Baker - Experience Design Director, Fierce