An Introduction to DesignOps



May 4, 2022

So you’re building a design practice. Perhaps you’re at a startup. Or you’re in a company undergoing transformation. How can you ensure your design teams are set up to deliver value and make impact in the right ways, at whatever scale they’re operating at?

Does the team have the right tools? What’s the culture and environment like? What are your agreed methods and ways of working? How can you uphold quality and standards across different teams? How do you hire the right people, onboard them and provide clear growth pathways?

In this event, we’ll discuss what DesignOps is and some of the challenges it seeks to address. We’ll hear more about the journey of DesignOps and some typical career pathways into and skill sets needed for the role, and how you might go about building your own ops team. We’ll also talk about the need for measuring the value of design, before making some predictions on what the future might hold for this emerging discipline.

Who is this for?

Perhaps you’re a design or business leader who’s responsible for building or managing a design team, or perhaps you’re a designer who finds themselves fixing processes or finding tools in order to get your job done!

Anyone who is interested in the organisation and design of design teams!

About Speakers

Nikki Godley - Director of Design Strategy & Operations at Skyscanner / Picsart

Beth Marrier - Head of Design Operations at Handshake

Laurent Christoph - Design Strategy & Operations at Lloyds Banking group


Josie Downey - Associate DesignOps Director, Fierce