Articulating Design Decisions



February 25, 2022

Nailed it! You're ready to share your design with stakeholders.  But how do you articulate it in a way that sees them buy into your vision?

One of the most difficult skills to master as a Designer is being able to formulate and communicate your ideas and solutions in a way that gets across easily and correctly. It sounds counterintuitive, but talking design is not always straightforward.

In this event we’ll try to unpack why it’s important to exercise and cultivate this skill, as well as how and what things go wrong (too often!) when we discuss design.

Who it’s for

Any designer should get value out of this, regardless of their seniority.

This is especially valuable if you have a hard time communicating and defending the rationale behind your design solutions, or you work in a setup where design conversations tend to unfold, umm...less than ideal.

Design Panel

Host - Laura Baker; Associate Experience Design Director, Fierce

Guest - Ioana Teleanu; aka. UX Goodies and Co-Founder, Mento

Guest - Radu Vucea; Co-Founder, Mento