Designing a Sustainable World



May 6, 2022

How can design drive a more sustainable world?

It’s estimated that 80% of a product’s ecological impact is locked in at the design phase. This stat, whilst bewildering, presents designers with a unique opportunity to build thoughtfully without waste.

In this interactive event, our panel of experts shared advice on how we as designers can find unique and creative ways to design sustainably and create a circular economy.

We covered everything from the green credentials of bioplastics and how to design for the 4th life of a product to why apparel can lead the way to net zero.

Who's this for?

Designers looking to learn about sustainable and circular design principles

Designers looking for practical advice on balancing impact and real life usability

Anyone looking to understand how apparel can help lead the way to net zero


Charles Ross - Sustainability Design Lecturer at the Royal College of Art

Debbie Luffman - ThinkCircular founder and Ex-Product Director at Finisterre

Sophie Thomas - Thomas.Matthews Founder and Ex-Circular Economy Director at The RSA


Josie Downey - Associate Design Ops Director, Fierce