Designing your Career



November 18, 2020

Getting your foot in the door is often the biggest struggle most designers face when trying to break into the field. But what happens next?

Designers, now more than ever, need to look at how they can make their career work for them and help them get there where they want to be. Knowing how to move from Junior to Senior, and choosing whether you want to move into management or be more of a design lead are big decisions and can sometimes feel overwhelming.

We brought together amazing design leaders from 3 of the biggest companies in Sweden, to provide guidance, tips and advice on how you can approach the career question, from starting out, all the way to Design Director and beyond. For our community members, the chat was followed by an AMA in our Slack channel with the Panel.

Our the panel:

Petter Silfver, Head of Design @ M - Volvo Car Mobility

Stefan Twerdochlib, Product Design Lead @ H&M

Josefine Edsbrand, Head of Design Ops @ Klarna