Facilitating Design Decisions



April 4, 2022

How do you navigate projects when the waters get muddied and disagreements occur?

This session will equip you with a toolbox to facilitate design decisions, collaborating with stakeholders to arrive at the answers together and thus ensuring you're all on the same (aesthetically pleasing) page.

We looked at three common challenges that can be addressed through collaborative decision-making, and easy tools to facilitate different situations; balancing trade-offs between available resource and desired design, wasting time fixating on an issue we can't solve right now, stalling and not sure what to do next...

Who's this session for?

It's appropriate for designers of all levels who sometimes find it challenging to persuade others to their way of thinking, and are interesting instead in how to drive collective decisions.

About Laura

Laura is an award-winning innovator and former Head of Design, now consultancy founder, who works primarily with purpose-driven organisations. She specialising in unpicking sticky situations, helping teams figure out 'what now?', and facilitating co-design.


Laura Baker - Associate Experience Design Director, Fierce