Laptop Lifestyle: Working Whilst Travelling



March 14, 2022

Catch up on our live event with Jacquie talking us through the realities of being a digital nomad

Have you ever seen an image of someone lying on a sun lounger, laptop open, watching the waves gently crashing into the shore and thought... this must be what being a digital nomad is like?

This event is here to tell all, and sadly, it's not really like that. Well... not entirely.

In this session, we heard from Jacquie, a remote designer who has been living abroad for the past year. She shared the highs, lows, and realities of working while travelling.

Who's it for?

Anyone who is interested in working whilst travelling, both short and longer term.


Jacquie Wortley - Designer and Digital Nomad.


Laura Baxter - Fearless Community Lead

Jacquie is an awesome member of the Fearless Community, a global network of design professionals connecting and supporting each other. Join us today and help us in our mission to design a better world ⬇️