Notion for Designers



March 16, 2022

There's a wealth of tools to "help" designers, knowing where to start can be overwhelming. Amy gives us a run down on Notion and how to it can work for designers.

The tools we use can have a big impact on the way we work. Notion is an increasingly popular productivity tool. But how can designers use it? Where do you start?

In this interactive event, Amy gives some tips on getting started with using Notion as a designer. From taking notes and articulating your decisions, to building your portfolio website in Notion. She also shared some templates and tools to get started on your own!

Who's it for?

Any designer who has an interest in picking up Notion, for any reason. Although this event is for designers, anyone with an interest in learning Notion can find something helpful here!


Amy Rogers - Product Designer and Notion Addict.


Laura Baxter - Fearless Community Lead

Amy is an awesome member of the Fearless Community, a global network of design professionals connecting and supporting each other. Join us today and help us in our mission to design a better world ⬇️